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"I have just viewed the doco and have been touched to my core. The tingling up and down my spine gave way to tears and a flood of memories. Helen has captured the essence of our experience and woven a comprehensive, coherent account of not only the pain but of the small steps forward. It is a fabulous insight into the journey we have all travelled"

Ming Griffiths, Black Saturday bushfire survivor

Viewer of 'A New Normal'


Dear Helen, I am speechless but want to say to you: In your documentary, your gift is to have taken me back on a journey in a way that I now feel safer to travel back to"

Jesse Odgers, Black Saturday Bushfire survivor

Viewer of 'A New Normal'


" I am nicely surprised at how well this production has come together and I think it is a great product. I know for me personally just being involved and watching the edits has helped enormously in my healing process"

Courtney Hall, Black Saturday Bushfire survivor

Viewer of 'A New Normal'

'The short of this documentary that I was privileged to see was incredibly moving and reminded me of how lucky I am. It displayed Helen's usual sensitive mastery of subject. I was particularly educated by the women who spoke about how people tend to compare loss. I'm pleased that the Firefoxes have told their riveting and terrifying story, and that it was the talent of Helen who bought it to film"

Louise McOrmond-Plummer

Viewer of 'A New Normal'


"Wow Helen. Just watched your film. What an amazing man and the people are so resilient. Very inspiring and eye-opening. Thank you for making this."

Natalie Ord

Viewer of Living on Landfill


"In a perfect world there would be no need for such stories. But I like your style, just letting the people tell their story and your film captures the atmosphere."

Lisa Myors

Viewer, Living On Landfill


"Congratulations Helen! This is an amazing film, and a story that is totally pertinent for Australia right now."

Annie Edney

Viewer of Living on Landfill


"I just wanted to say what a perfect job you are doing on the Fruit Fly Circus promo material. It is perfect for me here trying to talk to people about the circus"

Michelle Wild

Viewer of 'Ctrl.Alt.Del' and 'Encore'


"Thanks Nomad Films, extraordinary presentation of the latest Flying Fruit Fly Circus show. What talent and such a wonderful opportunity to see what is to come for this amazing organisation"

Naomi Inwood

Viewer of 'Ctrl.Alt.Del' and 'Encore'


"Congratulations to all involved. It looks great and some great acting too! Well done for an excellent production"

Sexual Health Worker

Viewer of 'Video Access Project'


"Helen, I loved it!!! Have just sent the clip to A4 for their reactions and they loved it too."

Karen Donnelly

Viewer of 'Downpour'


"Helen. Absolutely brilliant. It made a difficult subject very easy to watch and listen to. Thumbs up from us"

Lisa MacKay

"I just watched all of "Torn Apart", not only looking for my family but out of interest as to the outcome. What a great doco. Well done Helen. Beautifully layered and flows really nicely. You are an amazing talent and I'm proud to be part of such a great project that ultimately will leave people in this situation feeling they are not alone and that support needs to be put forth. Congratulations"

Kate Barrette-Cummins

Viewers or 'Torn Apart'