Set in rural Australia around the 1940’s, Junk tells the story of a neighbourhood of children that live behind a Junkyard. Through their imagination we see household trash transform into magical landscapes for jaw dropping circus stunts to take place.

Junk is reminiscent of a time when children created their own fun, when they played outside from dusk to dawn, climbing trees, jumping off roofs, hanging off the hills hoist and discovering that their imagination could take them anywhere they wanted to go. This work will take audiences on a journey back in time, before children had access to televisions, computers and expensive toys, when the neighborhood street was a playground full of adventure and make-believe.

Performed by artists from Australia's celebrated national youth circus aged 10-18, this is "family circus at its very best" (SMH).
Filmed and edited by Nomad Films

Stunt Lounge


Stunt Lounge is an exciting new work created and performed by graduate artists of the world-famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus. Exploring themes around how young people are drawn to risk in every day life. Stunt Lounge premiered at the Arts Centre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Opera House, MAMAlbury and the Tini Tinou Circus Festival Cambodia in March/April 2016.

'DownPour' - A4 Ensemble


"Acrobatics, contortion, hula hoops, adagio and risley combine with the classical art of Chinese foot-juggling in A4 Circus Ensemble's show 'DownPour'.  
Inspired by a Dostoevsky short story DownPour explores new love, lost love and everything in-between."

'Ctrl.Alt.Del' - Flying Fruit Fly Circus


Created and Directed by JODIE FARRUGIA with the Trainers and Young Artists of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.
Filmed and edited by NOMAD FILMS

'Propaganda' - acrobat


"Propaganda" looks to the future, the one we make each day by our own actions. A couple of muscle-y revolutionaries filled with unwavering ideals, Simon and Jo invite you into a family demo of very simple methods to fight injustice, promote solidarity, and energize class struggle!

'Ador' - PROJECTion Dance


Filmed across three countries and five cities "Ador" delves into the dark edges of love and loss. "Ador" is a creative collaboration between Nomad Films, choreographer, Tim Podesta and a bounty of world class dancers from around the globe.



The 2013 Flying Fruit Fly Circus Graduation Show, Flipism, is a dynamic, contemporary collaboration of acrobatic skill, dance, physical theatre and choreography, which explores the central concept of 'decisions'.


On a chilly night in June The Flying Fruit Fly Circus bought the magic of 'Wonderland' to life in an exclusive performance for the Albury Tigers Football and Netball Club's Fundraising Ball 2014. 


'Ctrl.Alt.Del' - Creative Development