Solstice - The documentary

Every year approximately 3000 Australians die by suicide....and the numbers are rising. 'Solstice, The documentary' is a story of those who are on the frontline to create the change at community, medical and policy levels.


A Spiral Mind

Kurt is a multi-passionate artist living with the hidden disability of mental illness. Digging for discarded pottery relics and reimagining them into modern day treasures are at the centre of his ongoing mental health journey. 'A Spiral MInd' was commissioned by ABC and Screenworks as part of their 2017 Createability series.

The Ripple Effect - Domestic Violence in Australia

In Australia an average of one woman a week is murdered by her partner or ex-partner following a history of domestic violence. The forces preventing a woman from leaving a violent relationship are complex and directly contribute to the abuse, control and deaths of many women each year. This film looks at those forces and how we can collectively support a woman needing to escape a violent relationship.

Apna Ghar - India's Railway Children

Apna Ghar charts the work of Ravi Rai Manas who has dedicated his life to working with destitute children and families living in abject poverty along the vast network of railway lines in northern India. Many of the children in this film have been forced to beg, steal or been sold as slaves to survive in a country that boasts a strengthening economy and rapidly growing middle class but still has little ability to care for its most vulnerable. 

Cambodia's Daughters - Sex Slavery in Cambodia

'Cambodia's Daughters' is a short documentary exploring the complex and virtually inescapable word of sex slavery in Cambodia. Completed in 2016 the film travels into the back streets and brothels of Phnom Penh to offer a glimpse into the forces at play in a country whose brutal history under the Pol Pot regime has shaped the sex industry into one of the most violent in existence today. Underpinned by the voices of sex workers and those who are dedicated to helping them 'Cambodia's Daughters' is both a cry for change and a message of hope from those who have been given a chance to escape the industry.

Living On Landfill - Life on a Thai rubbish dump


In 2008 photographer Fred Stockwell visited a rubbish dump on the Thai-Burma border. Despite, the poverty, hunger and insecurity this dump is home to hundreds of Burmese refugees unable to return to Burma. Overwhelmed by the situation Fred sold up everything he owned and moved back to the dump and now dedicates his life to assisting families improve their lives while continuing their lives and work on the dump.

Timor-Leste - A Re-building Project


After decades of brutal occupation Timor-Leste finally gained independence from Indonesia in 1999. However, the young nation was left impoverished and with much of its infrastructure destroyed. Since 2007 the Bendigo-Maubisse Friendship Committee has been traveling to Timor-Leste to assist with rebuilding in remote parts of the country.

Archie Roach - Surviving Lung Cancer

In this short film Archie shares the twists and turns, strengths and challenges of his journey surviving lung cancer. His gentle wisdom was so compelling as he shared his many fears, days of frustration during his rehabilitation and his new way of understanding and celebrating his life. 

Borderville - Celebrating 35 years of Flying Fruit Fly Circus


Borderville was a weekend of circus, performance and art to mark 35 years of the world- famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus and their home on the Border.

Nomad Films was excited, honoured (and a little bit overwhelmed!) to be asked to capture and edit a weekend's showcase of some of the best circus, vaudeville, art and theatre performance in the country, all of which came together to celebrate the story of Australia’s most successful cultural community development project with exclusive shows and exhibitions over the first weekend of October, 2014.

Stuffing 35 years of excellence into 16 minutes of video makes for an action packed documentary.

Homefront Stories - Memories of Wodonga during WW1


A centrury has passed since Australia entered World War 1 as a young nation still forging its identity. Wodonga, like many rural communities, sacrificed hundreds of young men to a war whose toll was to be beyond what anyone had imagined.

Creating a New Normal- Life after the Black Saturday bushfires


In 2009 bushfires devastated large areas of Victoria. 173 lives were lost and communities began the long journey of healing and rebuilding their lives. Firefoxes Australia bought the women in this film together to share their journeys of loss, grief, laughter and growth as they work to rebuild a safe, healthy and positive community.

The full length version of this film can be found here: "Creating A New Normal"

Merle's Story - Surviving Lung Cancer


"Merle's Story" is a simple, honest and poignant look at one indigenous woman's battle to survive cancer and the impact this had on her family.

Beginning the Journey - Introduction to radiation & chemotherapy treatment


This video provides an overview of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, however treatments will vary between patients.

Charcoal Night - Re-imagining the Night Sky


'Charcoal Night' documents a group of students who, once introduced to the wonder of astronomy, indigenous stories of space and the beauty of astrophotography, create a stop motion animation re-imagining the night sky. Partnering with the Astronomical Society of Albury Wodonga and Albury Wodonga Community College (AWCC) Murray Arts bought together local artists, astronomers and school students to inspire curiosity and engagement in science, astronomy, storytelling, animation and photography.

Torn Apart - Rebuilding Lives after Family Separation


Produced by the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls, Torn Apart is an 'up close and personal' look into the territory of tough and vexed issues around family separation. Six people who have been through family breakdown, all primary carers of their children, tell of their experiences.



Sovereignty weaves storytelling, art, music and raw edged politics as it traces the colourful lives of brothers and artists Sam and Vince from the political consciousness of the1960s to today's ongoing debate about Indigenous Australia's sovereign rights.

Emporium - The rise of the Department Store

"Emporium - The Rise of the Department Store" explores the timeless glamour of Albury's iconic SM Abikhair's department store. The Albury LibraryMuseum exhibition brings to life the emergence of department stores in response to a rise in consumer wealth, the evolution of shopping as a pass time and the changing role of women from homemaker to shopper and glamorous housewife.