Helen Newman - Filmmaker

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Helen Newman is an award winning Australian filmmaker whose work over the last 15 years has taken her around the globe gathering stories from the inspiring to the heartbreaking. Trained in classical music she performed and taught piano for several years before completing further tertiary studies to work with survivors of violence and sexual abuse as a crisis counselor and in community development. For the last 15 years Helen has drawn on those eclectic skills in her diverse film work.

Photo courtesy of Border Mail

Photo courtesy of Border Mail

Helen has travelled to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Timor-Leste, the Thai-Burma border, Cambodia, America and across urban and remote Australia producing, filming and subsequently editing, projects that encompass individual and collective stories of conflict, poverty, oppression, celebration and survival. Her work also encompasses a range of performance based arts projects. The nature of her projects has led Helen to work with many varied and inspiring individuals and a wide variety of human rights, community, health and education based organisations in a range of situations; war zones, refugee camps, remote indigenous communities, amid protests and formal interview situations.

Working with a variety of music and theatre groups Helen documents nationally and internationally acclaimed live performances and creates works as part of multi-platform performance-based projects.

Helen also collaborates with various community groups as a video artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, editor and facilitator of filmmaking workshops. These projects, developed in conjunction with a wide range of community based organizations, have led to a body of work encompassing education, health, science and the arts.

Helen’s current major project, ‘Cambodia's Daughters ’. Cambodia is a country still traumatised by the brutal regime of Pol Pot and suffering incredible poverty the sale of children and young adults for sex is an oft pursued option. 'Cambodia’s Daughters' delves into the cruel world of sex trafficking in Cambodia exploring the forces that make escape from the industry virtually impossible. 

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