It is estimated over 12 million children, escaping poverty, violence or simply in search of a better life, live on the streets in India. Of those many hundreds of thousands live on India's vast network of railway stations.  Once there they are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and quickly become addicted to drugs as a way of coping. 

In 1999, Ravi Rai founded Children of Mother Earth  (CoME) using his own resources from a successful career in Singapore. Children of Mother Earth has grown from one small home in Northern India to five residences across Central and Northern India. CoME  takes impoverished street-children into homes and provides them with food, medical treatment, emotional support, education and an ever-growing family of brothers and sisters. The organisation also works with families in villages and slums to create change for countless families.

Nomad Films has twice travelled to India, in 2007 and again in 2015, to document the uniquely holistic approach to their work that Ravi and his team have developed.