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Nomad Films has been born of a passion for storytelling and creating.

Working across a variety of platforms Nomad Films consistently deliver work that inspires, surprises and delights.  From commercial promotions to arts based collaborations and human rights documentaries every project is delivered on time, within budget and to the highest standard using state of the art equipment. 

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Documentary: With a focus on human rights, art and peace-building stories Nomad Films is highly mobile and uses high definition video equipment to film stories, events, commentators and verite footage. We’ve documented celebrations, tragedies, triumphs, theatre, art project development and life simply happening in war zones, refugee camps, remote communities, classrooms, homes and performance spaces.


Multi-media and Theatre: Weaving video and multi-media into music, dance and theatre creates new possibilities for performance and communication of ideas. Nomad works with other creative groups to explore and develop the interplay of videoart with other art forms.


Corporate projects: Nomad Films creates industry videos and television commercials (TVCs) for various local small business as well and nation and international organisations. Each project is delivered on time and within budget with a focus on ensuring every client works away completely happy with the end product and the creative process. 


Promotional Videos: Nomad Films develops promotional videos for a variety of organisations with a strong focus on arts and community based groups. Flexibility, responsiveness and a broad arts knowledge base ensures clients will receive a product that effectively promotes their work.

Nomad Film's filmography can be viewed here

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